Operational efficiency and transparency in the SSC

Consolidate document-based processes. Automate data capture. Standardize best practices.

Most of the services in the Shared Service Center (SSC) involve processing a large number of documents. The reliable, scalable solutions from ABBYY automatically capture all the documents from your internal customers and process them promptly on one single platform. Your shared service organization can therefore establish consistent business processes, ensure maximum transparency, and make critical information available to the right employees at the right time.

Usage scenarios

Improve your SSC operations where it matters most.

Center of Scale (CoS)

ABBYY offers document and data capture solutions for transaction-oriented, repetitive processes. They increase efficiency through the use of automation and economies of scale.

  • Accounts payable: Capture of invoices and automation of AP processes and workflows
  • Digital inbox: Capture and classification of all communication regardless of its incoming channel
  • Archiving & eDiscovery: Document preparation for legally compliant storage and retention, for enterprise search, and for information access
  • Procurement & controlling: Capture of various document types such as delivery notes, documentation, and others; support of contract management
  • Travel costs: Central document capture and processing (invoices, receipts), even while on the go
  • HR environment: Applicant management, digital personnel records

Center of Expertise (CoE)

ABBYY creates solutions for providers of knowledge-based consulting services. These solutions give access to information and special know-how from incoming documents or existing archives – regardless of whether these are structured or unstructured.

  • Customer care: Capture and classification of information for customer services and support centers
  • Text analysis: Intelligent, semantic content analysis; support for digital forensics scenarios

Key features and benefits for Shared Service Centers

ABBYY takes a comprehensive approach to improving processes and operations.

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Fast processing

Replace time-consuming and error-prone manual activities for capturing, sorting, and checking.

Benefits 134R 77X77


Standardize business processes for all internal customers on one shared platform.

Benefits 188V 77X77

Monitoring and compliance

Monitor your capture solution performance and track documents in real time.

Benefits 165R 77X77

Validation of services

ABBYY’s framework allows you to trace and audit the acquisition of data to ensure that your processing meets local and global regulatory requirements.

Benefits 187V 77X77

Seamless integration

Integrate processing solutions into existing workflows with our open platform architecture and processing component. Integration also via SDKs.

Benefits 142R 77X77

Investment protection

Benefit from highly scalable solutions with outstanding flexibility when it comes to organizational changes.

Benefits 167V 77X77

Comprehensive consultancy

Access to ABBYY support and services during implementation and in production.

What our customers say

ABBYY won us over from the very start with an outstanding capture rate and a very good price-performance ratio. The software was test-ready just four days after being installed, and we were able to adapt it to match our processes. In addition, the expert support made fast implementation possible. Over all, we are extremely satisfied.

Thomas Schreiber, Head of Shared Services, Corporate IT at Rhenus Assets & Services

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