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Instant identity proofing and affirmation—anytime, anywhere.

Easy for your customers. Secure for your business.

Don’t lose your customers to difficult processes.

How many customers do you lose every day at the point of providing proof of identity? Let’s face it, today’s customers won’t spend hours to hand deliver documentation for renewing a driver’s license, opening a new account, or enrolling for services. And it’s expensive to serve them in person. Some DMVs have reported a cost of $20-$60 just to serve one customer at a location!

Your customers trust mobile, and so can you.

Meet your customers in their channel of choice without sacrificing security or efficiency. ABBYY Proof of Identity combines document-centric identify proofing and identify affirmation into a single solution. It’s built on ABBYY’s market-leading mobile capture and intelligent document processing technology that is both easy for your customers to use and secure for your business.

What is identity proofing?

Proof of identity is a critical step in customer onboarding, new account opening, claims, and enrollment processes. It is the point where the customer provides proof of their identity via ID cards, photos, and supporting documents so the business can determine that they are who they say they are.

Gaining confidence in a customer’s identity requires two key steps:

  • proving that the identification document (ID card, driver’s license, etc.) provided is valid and the person is who they say they are (via facial matching), and
  • affirming the data from other sources (via supporting “proof of” documentation).

By 2023, Gartner predicts that 85% of organizations will be using document-centric identity proofing as part of their onboarding workflows, which is an increase from approximately 30% in 2021.

Gartner Buyer’s Guide for Identity Proofing

ABBYY Proof of Identity

Benefits 187B 77X77

A comprehensive identity proofing solution

While other identity proofing vendors offer incomplete solutions that don’t include identity affirmation, ABBYY Proof of Identity does it all. It assures that the ID is valid, authentic, and that the applicant is who they say they are, and affirms this via supporting documentation. ABBYY Proof of Identity includes ID reading, ID verification, facial matching and liveness detection, processing of trailing documents from a mobile device using Vantage Document Skills, and more. It’s easy for your business to employ right out-of-the-box and even easier for your customers to use.

Benefits 118V 77X77

Onboarding in your customer’s channel of choice

Mobile and online channels are the preferred engagement method for customers seeking loans, filing claims, applying for benefits, or onboarding with a new healthcare provider. ABBYY’s Proof of Identity solution helps you meet your customers where they are, reducing abandonment and churn. If desired, applicants can start an onboarding process on a desktop and easily complete the proof of identity process with their mobile device.

Benefits 113R 77X77

Easy, accurate submission of documentation—no app required

ABBYY Proof of Identity uses mobile web-based automatic image capture of identification cards, selfies of users, and supporting “proof of” documents such as utility bills and bank statements. ABBYY mobile capture technology results in high first-time capture rates for all IDs. Our algorithms detect and prevent quality issues such as glare, lack of focus, wrong side of document, wrong type of document, and incomplete framing of document. 

ABBYY Proof of Identity Brochure

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Key features

ID reading technology

ID reading, verification, and authentication

Extracting the data from an ID is only part of ABBYY Proof of Identity. In addition to reading machine readable zones and human readable information on IDs, sophisticated verification also occurs. After automatically detecting the exact variant of the ID presented, ABBYY Proof of Identity verifies the layout, characteristics, and security features within the ID. It also ensures the ID authentic and unaltered.

facial matching

Facial matching and liveness

ABBYY Proof of Identity uses sophisticated facial matching and liveness detection to ensure that your customer is who they say they are. The applicant captures a selfie, and the solution compares it to the headshot on the ID document. The collective non-bias decisioning used in ABBYY’s solution safeguards against the threat of algorithmic bias. Using a best-in-class NIST-rated facial recognition algorithm, we can achieve a non-bias accuracy differential of less than 1% between race and gender.

document processing for identity verification

Support for trailing documents

ABBYY’s leading Intelligent Document Processing technology, ABBYY Vantage, extracts data from customers’ supporting “proof of” documents to affirm their identity. In the ABBYY Marketplace, you can select pre-trained document understanding skills for utility bills, income statements, and more to handle all of your document processing needs. The combination of document-centric identity proofing and identity affirmation provides a complete proof of identity solution.

Features 134 44X44

Fully automated

Using humans in your identity proofing process slows things down. It isn’t scalable, and it often leads to errors. Many studies have clearly demonstrated that human manual review is not only error prone but biased as well. ABBYY Proof of Identify is fully automated, secure, and easily scalable to your needs. It never gets tired or introduces errors at the end of a shift.

Features 188 44X44

Exception handling

While ABBYY Proof of Identify can be run in a fully automated mode, it also has the ability to allow a human to audit certain transactions. While other vendors may have a component that works when everything stays on the happy path, ABBYY Proof of Identify solves the happy path and exception path. This allows you to decide whether you want to keep the process fully automated or involve humans to further audit certain transactions.

Features 280 44X44

Process Intelligence

Understanding your business processes at a level where you can see what is working and what isn’t to clearly identify areas for improvement is critical for delivering an exceptional customer experience. ABBYY Proof of Identify works with ABBYY Timeline, a process mining tool, to help you improve your processes with insight from all of your systems.

How it works

Vantage scheme
Vantage scheme
Vantage scheme

Extend your onboarding website or portal with ABBYY’s mobile capture and automated workflow. Your customers can engage via their mobile device from anywhere, anytime.

Mobile capture

Customers can start on a desktop or use a mobile device for the entire process. Either way, they use their mobile device to take photos of their ID documents, their face, and their supporting documents.

ID reading and verification

ABBYY Proof of Identify analyzes and extracts data from the ID images and verifies the ID is authentic and unaltered.

Facial matching and liveness

Facial recognition technology validates the applicant is the owner of the ID. It uses sophisticated liveness detection to ensure the applicant is present and not a bad actor.

Data extraction

Intelligent Document Processing platform ABBYY Vantage extracts data from trailing documents and validates it against the previous information provided.

Identity proofing use cases

ABBYY Proof of Identity is accelerating processes in Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Transportation and Logistics, and Government.

01С2 MC Cases Customer Self Service


Customers applying and registering via mobile and web channels for benefits, services, loans, applications, etc., use Proof of Identity to validate their identity without engaging face-to-face.

03C CI Cases Customer Onboarding


Proof of Identity provides a key capability for financial institutions and insurers to ensure that customer validation is taking place and that they have the proper procedures in place to ensure compliance.

03B FP Cases Customerservices

Customer experience

Most customers today prefer mobile and online channels to enroll or apply for benefits and services. Offering them the ability to engage in these services from anywhere, at any time, has become a requirement.

03G Finance Cases Fraud Prevention

Fraud prevention

As part of fraud prevention or mitigation efforts, enterprises can use ABBYY Proof of Identity to validate customers and their liveness, while ensuring that actors are known and approved.

01С MC Cases Customer Self Service

Account management/change

Incorporate Proof of Identity into account management or account change procedures to ensure that the person requesting changes to the account is the owner of the account.

01F Cases 6 Insurance

Claims processing

Insurers and government agencies use Proof of Identity as part of claims processing procedures to validate that the applicant holds a valid ID and that it matches the claim.

Product availability

Access the solution 24/7/365 in the cloud

Access the solution 24/7/365 in the cloud

Easy to integrate with your website or portal

Easy to integrate with your website or portal

Includes document capture and processing

Includes document capture and processing

Proof of Identity frequently asked questions:

ABBYY Proof of Identity enables ABBYY enterprise customers to provide identity proofing capabilities into their workflow and solutions, enabling them to accelerate and automate customer onboarding and customer engagement scenarios. The result is a winning combination of happier end users and more efficient, automated enterprise processes that reduce their risk of exposure.

Identify proofing traditionally focuses on use cases in which an organization is interacting with someone for the first time. Document-centric identify proofing enables organizations to obtain an acceptable level of confidence in a customer’s real-world identify via remote digital channels using a passport, driver’s license, or other identify document, along with a selfie to compare to the headshot within the ID.

ID verification, or ID proofing, usually refers to the act of verifying an ID document is authentic and unaltered. ID authentication can often be confused with the act of authenticating a user (via credentials, an ID) to some system, secure location, etc.

While proof of identify has many use cases, it is often used in Financial Services and Insurance to support an onboarding process. Rather than have new customers be present at a physical location, users can go through an onboarding process remotely. With ABBYY Proof of Identity, customers can be onboarded securely to their financial services or insurance company from anywhere, anytime.

ABBYY Proof of Identity combines identify proofing and identify affirmation components, along with end user capture experience components, to provide an out-of-the box, best-of-breed proof of identify solution. ABBYY Proof of Identify includes ID reading, ID verification, facial matching and liveness detection, support for trailing documents, and more as part of an onboarding, new account, claims, or enrollment process. ABBYY Proof of Identify uses supporting documents to validate that someone is who they say they are, and it uses sophisticated facial matching to prove the person applying is actually who they say they are.

ABBYY Proof of Identify is a part of your overall onboarding process (and likely website/portal) that handles all the customer capture related components. Normally, it caters to use cases where an organization is interacting with someone for the first time. By leveraging mobile web and similar technologies in these cases, an end user is not required to download a mobile app or specifically install anything on their phone.

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